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Getting a PCMCIA Wireless Network Card to. - skunkworx dot

Getting a PCMCIA Wireless Network Card to. - skunkworx dot I will post a video later on showing what happens when you try to boot the machine now. Thanks Jon Specs: P3 1 Ghz, 256MB Ram, 30GB HDD, Dvd drive, Battery, Windows XP SP 2 One thing you could do is completely take the notebook apart. The magnet looking piece was loose - the moment I touched it I had to solder it back on. If anybody could give me any other idea what to do I'd really apreciate it. I took it completely apart and the piece you have pictured was lying on the bottom of the case. Network Card to Work under Gentoo Linux on an IBM ThinkPad T21 Laptop -- by. NOTE These instructions assume you have a network connection already.

Fun uses for an old <i>ThinkPad</i>? Archive - Ubuntu

Fun uses for an old ThinkPad? Archive - Ubuntu My friend and I assume it is the screen because when it ran for the last time pixelation started to happen and the colors on the screen became all funky looking. Would attempting to repair the adapter be an option, or pointless? ------------------------- That is what I found..really seems to be the the next step with this solution? I recently got an old ThinkPad, but am unsure of what to really do with it. The battery life. and while I never use it. it runs Lubuntu great. With less than. T20, T21, T22, T23 - Hardware Maintenance Manual April 2002.

Linux on T40p -

Linux on T40p - When you turn it on the fan speed goes up and down. I completely took the laptop apart and nothing likes out of the ordinary. Added Info: Video showing what is going on the fan speeds up then slows down then it repeats. Sorry for the crappy quality and the portugesse in the background. Specs: P3 1.13Ghz, 256MB Ram, 30GB HDD, Dvd drive, Battery, Windows 2000(Doesnt apply now), Used by at least 2 owners. What has been done: Repasted Cpu, Cleaned connections, Checked for loose connections, and Ran in minimal confuration. Would it be easy to find a cheap or free mini PCI wireless/modem combo adapter to try in the machine to see if it works? I started with a hard disk that I had previously had in my previous laptop, a T21. So I removed the orinal laptop disk in the T40p, containing Windows XP and the. Note this only works if the IBM predesktop area has not been damaged. The manual gives detailed information which are used by service.

<i>IBM</i> T23 harddrive location - Solved - Storage -

IBM T23 harddrive location - Solved - Storage - OR, a problem with the mini PCI interface on the PC itself? The owner's manual, the IBM website, or showing it to an experienced hardware person. Just a sec; I'm going to look on the IBM or Lenovo.

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